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Mediation is an opportunity for two or more parties to meet in a private, informal setting in order to resolve a conflict. A neutral, third party mediator facilitates the meetings and helps the disputing parties explore the possibility of a win-win solution using a variety of techniques designed to break down barriers. The mediation process offers parties an opportunity to better understand the core issues surrounding the dispute and the ability to control the outcome in a safe, confidential environment.

We offer mediation and conflict resolution services for many types of disputes, including:

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

These include a variety of leasing disputes, security deposit disputes, issues regarding living arrangements, pets, and other conflicts.

Labor/Management Disputes

These occur where there is conflict related to a collective bargaining agreement or other established labor agreement/procedures.

Neighbor Disputes

These include any conflicts between neighbors regarding property lines, damages caused to property, and other issues.

Condo/Homeowner Association Issues

These disputes arise when a resident clashes with an Association’s bylaws over issues such as property management, rules and regulations.

Family Mediation

These issues are often complicated and require co-mediation techniques to overcome. We can help establish agreements among families or other groups regarding elder care to address control of assets, power of attorney and plans for ongoing care. We also work to address a variety of other family conflicts including custody issues.

Contract Disputes

These disputes occur in situations in which one party has contracted another party to provide services. There may be issues regarding the quality or terms of the work, whether the work has been completed or is satisfactory, the payment terms, and other conflicts related to contract agreements.

Workplace Disputes

These disputes may be connected with a specific contract or legal issue, such as wrongful termination claims, or they may include broader problems faced by departments or employees like working together in teams or management issues.

Attorney/Client Fee Disputes

Most attorney/client fee disputes occur after legal work has been done for the client, but other issues regarding payment terms and agreements can arise as well.

Retail/Consumer Issues

These disputes can occur when any type of product or service has been purchased but has left the consumer unsatisfied.

Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure can be a very complicated and stressful process. We can help locate and work with banks and servicers and craft a timeline that works for all parties involved.